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CLASI & Kotido Diocese Commission Experts To Survey Land For Construction of KAPATU Infrastructure

Another huge step has been taken towards the establishment of the first ever Karamoja-based University in Uganda, East Africa. A team of engineers and Geotech scientists commissioned by the Catholic Lawyers Society International (CLASI) in partnership with Kotido Catholic Diocese have begun conducting Geotech investigations at Losilang Catholic Parish, Kotido Municipality, Kotido District.

The purpose of the investigation is to determine the viability of the land on which infrastructure for the Karamoja Peace And Technology University (KAPATU) will be set up.

This will be done by taking soil samples from Losilang, which will host the university main campus as well as from surrounding areas which will host various faculty buildings and other infrastructure.

Geotech surveys have also been conducted at Kanawati Health Center III which will host the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences and a 5-star University teaching hospital.

The experts will provide a comprehensive Geotech Investigation Report to CLASI and other stakeholders detailing the general characteristics of the land such as; the consistency of the soil, the amount of ground water available, the likelihood of soil liquefaction among other factors.

The survey report will inform and determine crucial decisions such as; the types of buildings that can be constructed on the land, how many levels they can carry, and the depth of their foundations.

The survey comes less than 2 months since the official laying of the university foundation stone on July 28 by H.E Maj. Jessica Alupo, The Vice President of Uganda on behalf of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, The President of Uganda

KAPATU is predicted to foster a level of transformation never seen before in the history of Karamoja and the Great Lakes Region by providing high quality education to region that has been underdeveloped for 146 years.

It is this premise upon which the motto of the university was crafted, EDUCATION FOR TRANSFORMATION.

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